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Ms A Kavitha

Professional Details


Information Technology


Assistant Professor (Sr.Gr.)



Area of Expertise

Image Processing,C programming,Java Programming,Python,Digital Signal Processing

Short Bio

Kavitha A, She completed her Under graduate in Information Technology and her Post graduate in Computer science engineering under Anna University Chennai; now she is doing her research in the area of Image processing. She is having wide area of experience around 9 years in teaching. Her areas of Interest includes Image processing, Digital Signal processing and Java Programming. She delivered lecture in her research area as well as she is a JAVA trainer in ILP (Initial Learning Program)for TCS placed students. Worked in NAAC and NBA committee and also in IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award in Institute level.

Departmental Roles

BoS in-charge, website in-charge, Naac C1 in-charge,Advisor 2022-26 batch